Hall of Fame - Batting | Korumburra Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110334429815112733209123103*Scott CheckleyKorumburra2019/2020B Grade - Division 17 1Poowong Loch
297668831511273320912397Trevor AllenKorumburra2019/2020B Grade - Division 17 1Poowong Loch
3788685701511273320902478Daniel LloydKorumburra2019/2020A Grade - Division 12 1Outtrim Moyarra Kongwak
4717636831511273330338471*Tom CrockerKorumburra2019/2020Under 163 1Phillip Island
563668861511273320909863Peter EdwardsKorumburra2019/2020B Grade - Division 13 1Imperials
65616306141511273326913056Ben WittonKorumburra2019/2020C Grade - Division 27 1Glen Alvie
7553442971511273326910355*Aaron BrinksmaKorumburra2019/2020C Grade - Division 22 1Koonwarra L/RSL
8543442981511273320908454Scott CheckleyKorumburra2019/2020B Grade - Division 11 1Glen Alvie
9533443261511273326943453Christopher MiletoKorumburra2019/2020C Grade - Division 18 1Club
105115174131511273330339051Joel CumanKorumburra2019/2020Under 165 1Inverloch
1150668861511273320904150Peter EdwardsKorumburra2019/2020A Grade - Division 16 1Phillip Island
12507636831511273320904750Tom CrockerKorumburra2019/2020A Grade - Division 18 1Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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